A Brief History

Alterations and additions were designed for an existing ranch style modular house on a mountainside with a Western view of the valley that connects West Stockbridge to Richmond in the Berkshires.

Purchased as a weekend residence for a New York City couple, the house required alterations to several rooms and a new Entry-Living Area was added on the West side. The Master Bedroom and Bathroom were altered to orient the room to an existing breathtaking view. The new Entry and Living Area were added to reorient the main entrance as well as to provide a place to sit by the fire and enjoy the prime view.

The Basement Recreation room was completely refurbished with the addition of a corner study area, a new TV cabinet to facilitate large screen viewing, as well as a new Bathroom that featured a Hot tub/shower/steam enclosure. The last addition of a greenhouse facing South wall extension housed an Exercise Room with an enlarged deck above.