A Brief History

A new, "affordable" beach house, passive solar design. Designed as a speculative project, to be sold.

Situated in the bay front area of Westhampton, this four bedroom house was built for under $100,000 as a speculative venture for a client. The design features an open Living-Dining-Kitchen Area that is located on the second floor to provide better access to views. The Master Bedroom and Bath are also located on this upper floor while the rest of the bedrooms are located on the first floor entry level.

The southern orientation of the house and the proliferation of south facing windows allows for a passive solar heating effect. The north facing windows are few and small in size and the siting of the house literally "cuts" the cold winter winds to minimize heat loss. The clerestory windows were located with the intention of helping create a natural flow of ventilation throughout the house when open, allowing the hot air to escape through these high windows. When the widows are closed, they continue to be helpful in bringing sunlight to the rear areas of the house.