John Fülöp, is a registered architect in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and is certified by the National Council of Registration Boards.

Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1941, Fülöp studied architecture at Yale University, and over the years has won numerous awards for his architectural designs and planning proposals, including the Brunner Award presented by the Architectural League of New York for his Prefabricated Housing/Regional Planning Study.

Fülöp established his architectural studio in New York City in 1974, and in addition to his focus on architecture, he also worked as a graphic artist, photographer and multi-media artist.  Exhibitions in Soho galleries as well as several Avant Garde Arts Festivals in New York City provided opportunities to present his multi-media work. As head of his architectural firm he designed and oversaw a wide range of built projects throughout the East Coast and abroad. Mr. Fülöp has designed facilities ranging from residential to commercial and institutional. Schools, Community Centers, Health Clubs, Artist's Lofts. Single Family to Multiunit Residential, and Experimental Theaters also include some of the projects. A variety of project types was also developed and designed with associate Bill Richardson in the Appalachian region of Eastern Kentucky.

During the early years of the firm, the office was located in a Mott Street loft in New York City's Little Italy. In 1983, the office moved to larger quarters in the landmark Singer Building, at Broadway and Prince Street. This cast iron building would have been demolished, along with the rest of the historic buildings in the district that would eventually become known as SOHO, if the plan for the lower Manhattan Expressway, had become a reality.

Thirty years ago, he opened a satellite office inWesternMassachusetts. This second office where he concentrates on residential work has provided better access to area building projects. For Fülöp, the Berkshires have been a place to experiment and develop project ideas. In 1981 he was commissioned to design an affordable private residence in Monterey which was later developed as a prototype small"starter" house. Published in Popular Science Magazine over thirty four years ago, it has become popular with many people all over the world because of its size, efficiency and economy. Many versions of this low cost house have since been built throughout the United States and abroad. It has since become the basis for his interest in affordable housing.

In all the work done by the firm, Fülöp remains committed to constant research and experimentation in new and appropriate forms of architectural expression for energy conserving buildings, while at the same time keeping an eye toward meeting budgetary restrictions. New buildings have been the bulk of the work outside the Metropolitan area, while many of the projects in urban locations involve the reuse of existing structures

Working as a volunteer in the Berkshires, he spearheaded the planning of a Community Center for South Berkshire County and in connection with that project, co-founded Great Barrington's South County Music School in 1995 which remained open for five years serving over 650 students. Recently elected President of the Community Land Trust of the Southern Berkshires he will be able to formulate plans for housing that is affordable to young families moving to the Berkshires region.

Having designed several Health Club and Community Center facilities, Fülöp's interest in sports facilities is enhanced by his still active participation in competitive swimming. He has won several National Masters Swimming Championships. Currently Mr. Fülöp lives in West Stockbridge while still maintaining a small office presence in New York City.



Community Land Trust of the Southern Berkshires, Berkshire Community Land Trust:

Great Barrington, MA;  President, Board of Trustees as of Jan. 2017

February 2014 – Present

Highland Affordable Housing, Inc.: Truro, MA: Member of the Board of Trustees

March 2012 – September 2014

West Stockbridge, MA Sustainability Committee: West Stockbridge, MA: Committee Member

January 2012 – September 2012

Singer Studio Co-op Board: 561 Broadway, NYC (Soho): Board Member

September 2003 – September 2008

South County Music School: Great Barrington, MA: Co-Founder and Volunteer Interim Director

June 1995 – June 2000

Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School: Master Plan Committee       


West Stockbridge Town Hall; Master Plan Committee: West Stockbridge, MA           

September 1993

Berkshire Housing Development Corporation: West Stockbridge, MA

September 1991 - September 1995

Volunteer Swimming Coach; Marion Fathers Swimming Pool: Stockbridge, MA

September 1992 – April 2002

Wainwright House Conference and Lecture Center Master Plan; Rye, NY

September 1990

Community Center of the Southern Berkshires Proposal: Great Barrington, MA

August 1989 - July 1995

Affordable Housing Committee: Town of West Stockbridge                          

September 1987 - September 1995 

President, Co-Op Board - Singer Studio Corp. Building: NYC

September 1984 - September 1988

Affordable Solar-Sustainable House: "Little Big House Project": Monterey, Massachusetts

May 1981 – March 2017

Energy Conservation Projects, New York Metropolitan Area, The Berkshires

August 1980 - August 1989

Volunteer Masters Swim Coach, President of Metro Masters Swim Club

Manhattan Plaza Swim and Health Club: Corner of 43rd St. & 10th Ave, NYC

March 1979 – August 1988

"Step by Step", a New Age Community Masterplan - Middletown, NY

March 1976 - 1978

Eastern Kentucky Projects: Work with Associate William Richardson, Whitesburg, Kentucky

January 1975 – November 1979

"Grass & Steel" - Producer of Multimedia Slide Show: sponsored by the AIA

September 1974 - May 1975

"Portable City" Project Proposal - Founder and Director of Design, New York City

January 1974 - November 1974

New York State Bicentennial Celebration Master Plan; Sampson State Park, Lake Seneca, NY


Photographer/Editor/Productioner: Commercial Slide Films - Various Places

January 1971 - July 1976

Lamb and Fülöp, Architect Partners: New York City

September 1971- September 1974;

John Fülöp, Multi-Media Artist, Photographer: New York, Massachusetts Region

September 1970 – August 1976

LIDD Light Show Group: Designer of Inflatable Structures, Photographer, Producer of Multi Screen Projected Slide Films: 

February 1970 – October 1972

Museum-Housing Complex Proposal; Welfare Island, NYC


Mobile Homes Redesign Proposal: Mobile Home Industries Inc.


"Movies in the Park": New York City, Various Upstate New York Cities, Towns

January 1970 - July 1978

The Architectural League of New York: Lecture Series Chairman: NYC

January 1969 – December 1970

Graphic Design Work for the Concert Artists Guild - Carnegie Recital Hall, NYC

September 1968- September 1971

The Architectural League of New York - Arnold W. Brunner Scholarship Award

December 1969 - May 1970 "Megalopolis Redesigned"


Work Done as an Architectural Intern:                                                                                                                           

Architectural Designer, Draftsman: Office of Zachary Rosenfield & Partners, Architects; NYC

September 1969 - June 1971

Architectural Designer, Draftsman: Office of Edward L. Barnes, Architect, New York, NY

October 1969 – June 1970

Architectural Designer, Draftsman: Hardy, Holzman and Pfeiffer, Architects, New York, NY

February 1969 – May 1970

Project Designer: Office of Ulrich Franzen, Architect, New York, NY

September 1968 – October 1969

Designer, Draftsman: Bull, Field, Volkmann and Stockwell, Architects: San Francisco, CA

July 1968 – September 1968

Architectural Designer, Draftsman:  Office of Moore-Turnbull Architects: New Haven, Conn.

January 1968 – July 1968

Architectural Designer, Draftsman: Office of Alden Berman, Architect; New Haven, Conn.

1966-1968 •

Architectural Designer, Draftsman: Office of Bruce Arneil, Architect; New Haven, Conn.

1966-1968 •

Architectural Designer, Draftsman: Office of Lathrop Douglass, Architect; New York City

1966 •

Architectural Designer, Draftsman: Office of André Halász, Architect; Greenwich, Conn.

1965 •

Architectural Designer, Draftsman: Office of Robert Levien, Engineer; Forest Hills, NY

SUMMER 1964 •



Yale University: Master of Architecture (March) 1965–1968

Activities, Awards and Societies:

  • A Highway Hospitality Center on The Pennsylvania Turnpike
  • Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company Competition: Honorable Mention, at Yale University - Dec. 1966
  • A new Civic Center for Birmingham, Alabama: Competition. Co-Recipient of the Yale Koppers Prize for Architectural Design; 1966 (with James Terrell)
  • "Shape of Community; Realization of Human Potential" book by Serge Chermayeff and Alexander Tzonis: funded by the Twentieth Century Find 1967. Spent a good part of semester Illustrating this book, a study of the evolution of technology and it's effects on urban growth, and the decline of mass transit systems.
  • Third Year at the Architecture School became essentially a year long independent project with an occasional "crit" and sketch project interspersed. I chose to design a Nursing Home for a site located in New Haven. At the end of the year, this Model of the Nursing Home was chosen to be included in the Archives of the Architecture School.

City University of NY - (CCNY) - Bachelor of Science (BS): Architecture, Engineering: 1963–1965

City University of NY - (Queens College): Mathematics, Art:  1959–1963

Activities and Societies:

  • Co-Captain of the Swimming Team 1961-63
  • Member of the Water Polo Team 1962, 1963
  • Performed in the Annual Aquatic Show 1963
  • Grey Knight Varsity Award 1963

High School of Music and Art: Diploma: Art, Architecture: 1956–1959

Activities and Societies:

  • Art Honor Award 1959



Registered Architect: MA, NY, NJ, CT; NCARB